Our pick-up soccer re-starts Wednesday, October 16th at 12 p.m. More info coming soon!   



  • Maximum of 24 players per field
  • Maximum of 4 teams of 6 or 3 teams of 7-8 with 1 sub for teams with 8 per field
  • Team size: 6/5/4 + keeper
  • Playtime: 8 Minutes
  • No slide tackling
  • Winner stays on for a maximum of 2 matches in a row
  • If the match is tied, both teams come off if there are 4 teams
  • If 2 teams are sitting off, the next team will be the one who was off longest
  • If 2 teams were sitting off for an equal amount of time, a coin toss will determine the next team
  • If there are 3 teams total and there is a tie, winner of the previous match stays on
  • Respect a call if it is made; put your hand up to call your own foul
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, it’s replayed by a kick-in from the line
  • The entire ball must be outside the line in order to be called out
  • A re-kick is issued if a kick-in does not successfully enter in the field of play
  • Goalies cannot pick up the ball if passed back by their own player except if it goes off any part of their teammate’s body other than their feet
  • You may not score directly with a kick-in, free kick, or corner
  • A direct free kick is issued only if a player intentionally commits a hand-ball
  • Teams must wear shirts of the same colour (pinnies will be provided if needed)
  • Climbing on the dome or equipment is not permitted
  • The ball will be an outdoor regulation ball (size 5)

All players agree to abide by the Bradford Sports Dome Policies.